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for a Demanding Industry

Pharmacists optimise marketing and sales with the CRM by Pharmakon. The high-class CRM software by Pharmakon consists of a mobile application for the field staff (PharmaPilot) and a web based use (C-World) for the tasks in the office.

Our Pharma-CRM is generated in close dialogue with leading organisations of the industry. The result of a practical development process are solutions, that fulfil the exact criteria of marketing and sales. Simultaneously, Pharmakon sets new trends for customer relationship management.

Complete Solutions for Pharma CRM by Pharmakon

CRM for all target audiences

CRM for all target audiences

With the new and innovative Pharma-CRM, C-World, by Pharmakon, you are able to construct customer management in B2B (doctors, pharmacies, health insurances, hospitals and wholesale) as well as B2C (patients) in a user-friendly and intuitive way through all communication channels. Specifically developed for your industry, the CRM by Pharmakon supports your company in all your plans concerning marketing and sales.

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Mobility and flexibility for field work

Mobility and flexibility for field work

PharmaPilot intuitively assists agents in the field during daily work. The employee is able to quickly administrate visit reports, allowing the concentration on essentials, being sales. All data is available online and offline on all established smartphones and tablets. Successful collaboration between field work and office duty is ensured by information being available to both parties.

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Competent consulting

Competent consulting

Pharmakon Software offers competent consulting concerning all matters in CRM for the healthcare industry. A quick and trouble-free implementation of the CRM- and software solutions goes without saying. Optimal service, even out of business hours (24/7 Support) is given. You will always reach an expert for your concerns (not a call-centre).

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Distinctive features, making the new, innovative CRM-system by Pharmakon unique

The advantages at one glance:
  • Extensive pharma functions
  • User-friendly with a clear layout
  • Significant analysis opportunities with innovative charts and diagrams
  • Online and offline use
  • Easy adaptation to individual processes
  • Integration in the existing IT-landscape
  • Optimal workflow between office and fieldwork guaranteed
  • Personal consulting by Pharmakon from Karlsruhe. You will always reach an expert for your concerns, not a call centre, even after business hours
  • Developed in Germany with leading experts from the pharma- and healthcare industry
  • Prepared for a quick and trouble-free start

Expert consulting at all times, with focus on pharma

Demanding functions
for a demanding industry

Your demand is our solution 
  • Integration of all target audiences (doctors, clinics, pharmacies, health insurances, networks)
  • Optimal workflow between all channels in sales and marketing. For example: office duty, field work, KOL, Event management, Medwiss etc.
  • Consideration of all legal guidelines
  • Integration of special processes, such as indirect distribution or external sales data
  • Workflows and automation functions
  • Online and offline use

The new Pharma CRM by Pharmakon fulfills all these criteria!

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