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Practical Examples of Innovations in Marketing and Distribution for the Health Sector



The LaserShelf solution offers an inventory measuring system which is less expensive than other, similiar products. Work-time and effort are minimised through automatic inventory management. Inventory quantities are controlled reliably and consumption is easily determined.

The staff are able to take products out of stock with the knowledge that these are reordered reliably. No extra documentation is needed concerning the removal of products as information is automatically transferred to the ordering system.

A sufficient amount of products is always available due to automatic identification of minimum quantity, maximum inventory level, as well as safety stock. This system is a solution which requires minimal effort to implement.


Smart Speakers

New ways of communicating can be established with the use of smart speakers. The digital assistants do not only bare several advantages in private use. Voice technology has proven to be a helpful assistance in organisations and work life too.

Especially in health establishments there are several situations in which a smart speaker eases work. Through the use of smart speakers as an ordering assistant in an establishment, or for documenting various things, unnecessary steps from the office to another department or to the storage can be avoided.

To place an order over voice technology is not only time efficient, but more intuitive than using a PC or a written document. In addition, voice technology offers a hands-free solution which makes several work processes easier. If gloves must be worn at the workplace or many items are being carried at once, the use of a smart speaker is an efficient alternative to manual input.


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