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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer long-term support which is accompanied by a continual improvement process (CIP). It is important for us to be personally available to our customers. Our ticket-system offers customers elaborate information and documentation of various requests. An overview of the executed services and transparent accounting is given by the monthly statistic provided.

Individual Support Plans

1st Level Support: Pharmakon takes over the complete administration of the CRM system ordered by the customer and is the contact person for all the users questions.

2nd Level Support: With defined services through Pharmakon: The software is delivered and installed by Pharmakon. If necessary, Pharmakon takes over service features. The support team is the first contact person for the users.

3rd Level Support:
The customer is in charge of the administration of the CRM system. Pharmakon is only in charge of specific service features when required.

Defined Processes

Requests by the customer can be given to our staff by Email, telephone or directly over the ticket-system. All inquiries are processed as quickly as possible. The personal contact with our customers is of great value to our staff.

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