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A detailed analysis as well as a coherent master plan is needed to implement new software solutions for a modern and growth-oriented pharma company. An established, step by step method is suitable for an optimal project development, which takes all demands of the company into consideration.

A successful CRM start – driven by an established process


To collect all necessary requirements is a central part of the planning phase. This includes the collection and evaluation of information for the overview of the entire project. Setting a goal and a framework for all parties involved, is a key to success.

This results in a summary of the specifications, the process, the framework as well as an estimate for time- and resource planning. The complexity of the project can be outlined.

The information collected in this first phase is integrated into the software specifications.

These steps are performed by experts of Pharmakon, with years of experience in the field of CRM.


CRM Introduction with Pharmakon
Individual consulting + optimal implementation strategies
= perfect integration

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